Introducing Stay Home and Eat

For the most part, we’re a couple who’s a lot like you.  Both employed, middle-class, homeowners, two kids, dog, the whole deal.  We’re both big fans of many kinds of cuisine.  We both like to cook, and we both also enjoy eating out.  And until recently, we’ve probably spent a little more than we should on restaurant food, too.

After a recent job change for Kelly, our household income took a bit of a hit, which required us to take a second look at those extraneous expenditures like the weekly (and sometimes twice-a-week) trip to our favorite restaurant(s).

We were at first a little disappointed with the notion that we’d no longer be able to indulge in our accustomed fashion, but something very interesting has been happening:  We’re actually [gasp!] enjoying staying home and eating!   It’s something fun that we both enjoy and can do together, we can exercise a little creativity, and it doesn’t involve a remote control.  And best of all, we’re realizing just how easy it is to recreate some of our favorite restaurant dishes, and save some money in the process.

And that’s the impetus behind us starting this blog – to share some of our favorite dishes, and show you how much fun you can have with your significant other, while saving money that we, like many others, can ill-afford to part with these days.

We’ve provided videos of these recipes, as well as a more detailed written piece to accompany each one.  We encourage you to try whichever of these dishes strike your fancy, and we hope you’ll share your experiences, your feedback, and your own recipes as well.


Brett & Kelly Slater

5 Responses to Introducing Stay Home and Eat

  1. I love the idea. Would you consider adding guest posts? I have some killer recipes that I always fall back on when I’m home, which is only 3-4 days/week. When I’m away the family dines at Crapplebee’s or Mickey D’s. So sad.

  2. I was searching YouTube for a particular beet salad recipe and came across yours. I’ve spent the last 1/2 hour watching all your videos here. I love that you have a video to go with the instructions and recipe. I’m a very visual person and it helps so much to see what I’m supposed to do and what the recipe is supposed to look like. I will be trying out all the food recipes you have here. In fact, I already have my dough for the #12 pizza in an old breadmaker which had to be dusted off and brought back to the kitchen from the store room!

    My only complaint would be that I wish there were more recipes! (and that the lighting is a bit dark in places).

    I look forward to more posts!

    • Hey, Linda… Thanks a ton for the feedback! Sorry for the late reply on this… We’ve had a busy summer, and we’ll ABSOLUTELY be posting more recipes as we start getting back into our “fall routine” again. Let us know how the pizza came out! 🙂

  3. I think this is a fabulous website!! I went to my fishmonger the other day and asked what was the freshest fish he had. He gave me these fabulous tuna steaks that were just caught about 4 hours ago! I had no idea how to cook them and then I came across your spinach salad with lentils and sesame encrusted tuan. (gotta love that google!).
    You have saved the day!
    P. S. I love the idea of guest recipes also
    Your friend in the kitchen,
    Dr. Bob